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About Us

Redwood Fuel Oil & Propane is a family owned and operated Fuel Oil & Propane distributor serving Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural customers in Franklin County and parts of surrounding Counties. Along with gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene and propane, Redwood also carries a full line of propane appliances, including gas heaters and logs. All propane tanks and gas line installations are performed by employees trained and certified through the National Propane Gas Association.


At Redwood Fuel Oil & Propane, customer service and satisfaction is our number one goal. Our deliveries are made in a prompt, courteous manner from our 180,000 gallon on site storage facility which insures uninterrupted deliveries. We offer automatic fill service where the customer is assured that they will not run out of fuel. Redwood Fuel Oil & Propane makes every effort to get you the product you need at competitive rates and affordable terms.

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Safety First

At Redwood Fuel Oil & Propane, safety is our top priority. All customers are provided safety information immediately upon opening an account. Included in Redwood’s safety brochure is a “scratch and sniff” section to make sure everyone in your family is familiar with the smell of propane, and what to do if you smell it. If you no longer have the information or would like additional copies of our safety brochures, contact our office at your convenience.